So good lol

yea you know im a model and your way better them some photographers ive worked with, just saying l0l had to add that…

naee lol


sooo0o0o00o0o0o0o0o0 i loveee you your awesomee!! love the pics your gana make it hugeeee yeaaa

shannee gilliland


Pedro is the best photographer ever. And his badasspersonality andcrazy antics just add to his  charm.



simply genious, you capture the emotion in peoples eyes. thats skill and ive been working with photographers for the past 3 years. good work

Madalynn Grilo

Breath taking photographs

Every picture I see from you is like a little piece of heaven captured. Love how you always take pictures of people that ask and never say no. See you next event man.

Dr Seizure

ur the shit

thank u for all of the memorys for this year,if it wasnt for u i wouldnt have something to look back on.

katt montano

House Of Candy Photos

Thanks man. It’s always pleasure watching an artist increase in their skill and ability level. You’re doing so well! I am an artist myself man ¬†Artists who are serious about their craft tend to pay more attention to these things than most people. Keep working towards the goals!

DJ Steel

Ultra Music Festival 13

Dude….You may have the best group of overall pictures that I have seen so far. Your pictures REALLY grab the feeling of the entire festival, not just the “Big Acts”! Great Job!! LOVE THEM and thanks for sending me the links! Would love to have you shoot some other events coming up. Rock ON!

Damian Pinto

My Point of View

I have met many photographers in my 7 years VJing, u are truly talented . !! keep up the amazing work ! can’t wait to see the Ani-Mayhem pixs !

Psyberpixie VJ