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I'm a cool person to begin with and photography is what I love to do.. Meeting new people makes it a plus and along those lines there's plenty of room for new things. Electronic music has been my thing since my last year at High School. This explains why I love Night Life Photography! It has all three in one: Photography, People, and Music.

I'm a Freelance and Night Life Photographer, working on location night and day since 2008. however my interest in photography began in 2006. Capturing every moment during a gathering literally hypes me up, it also allows me to think of the many different ideas on how to get that perfect shot. My style of photography is quite unique and those who have experienced it will say that they've never had a photographer like me.

My name is Pedro Rivera, and tonight I'll be YOUR photographer!


I believe Equipment isn't key, I believe the talent is key, and how it's executed.

Pedro Rivera, Owner / Photographer

  • Pedro Rivera
    Owner / Photographer